What to choose: Full-time or part time diploma programs?

A lot of young people have the question: which diploma program is better – stationary or extramural? When choosing between full-time and part time diploma programs, you should examine all the advantages and disadvantages of each.

If you choose the full-time program, you can not normally earn money in two years. Choosing the part time diploma programs- you will work and study but you will have little time for your personal life. Such solution is very complicated step. Unfortunately, there is no the similar choice for all. You have to decide what will suit best for you. How are your finances? How does your family? What do you want to get from the education? What load are you able to withstand?

We have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of these diploma programs. If you are confused and do not know what to choose, study the pros and cons of the format of these trainings.

Full-Time diploma programs: To the budgets of business schools in this program allocated more money, even if such programs are less profitable comparing with the part time diploma programs. There are organized a lot of different clubs and extracurricular activities for the students, because of what the full-time program looks a bit like college.

Advantages: For these programs stands out the most quantity of financial aid: the 90% of all scholarships and grants get the students of the stationary form of education. The format of studying is more suitable for people aged 23-30 years, who can afford themselves not to work for two years. More often, companies are looking for potential employees among the students of the stationary form of education. In addition, these programs attract the best students from around the world. Also, it is believed that the full-time programs are perfect for those, who are looking for a mate.

Disadvantages: such programs often offer a greater load. Considering that the students have to look for a job and more, time for personal life is almost gone.

Part Time diploma programs: these programs are considered to be the main source of income of the business schools. Part time diploma students sometimes feel like “adopted children”, although to their program enroll more people.

Advantages: The format of such distance learning is designed for students aged 24-35 years. These part time diploma programs are organized on the basis of the same full-time faculty and programs. Some teachers prefer to hold classes in the evening or on the weekends to make more time for research. Only a few part-time students get the scholarship, but they can count on the financial support from the employers.

Disadvantages: according to popular belief, part-time students are not so competitive and versatile, as the full-time students, but we think that all the possibilities depend not only on the knowledge, but also on the ambitious of the student. The only one disadvantage of the part time diploma program is that it lasts longer than two years.

Edgar Jimenez, the independent journalist, who holds key position in the department of communications with students and financial assistant in business school, tells about the advantages and disadvantages of full and part time diploma programs on example of http://ccbst.ca Business College of Toronto.

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