Tips on Getting High Score for Standardized Test

Standardized Test

Having a high score on standardized test will open wider opportunity for you to enter college that you want. The test shows how far knowledge that you have learned. This test is so nerve-wracking even for most prepared student.

  • Make a schedule for your study daily. You can set one hour per day to study material that will be questioned during standardized test. Too much hour will be in vain if you cannot fully concentrate on what you are learning. Moreover, you also should make a comfortable environment to study so you can have better focus.
  • You had better to study each section in same proportion. However, study vocabulary is also important because some questions emphasize on vocabulary.
  • Find sample tests that are available in online. Answer all questions in certain period time that similar with the real standardized test time. If you do it repetitively, you will be accustomed with the situation during the test and you will not be nervous anymore.
  • Prepare all materials needed and make sure that you know where the test is located a day before. In addition, the night before, you should get enough sleep so your body will keep fresh on the day. Eat breakfast and come early to less your stress level.

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