Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is very important for children to develop their ways of thinking. As a teacher, you should teach your students about it. Critical thinking can be taught in any subject and the tips below will help you to deliver it in natural way.

You can start with re-arrange of seats position. You can make a circle so the students can face each other and understand that they have equal chance to ask or express their opinion about the topic. As the teacher, you will be not seen as preacher anymore because you also become the participant.

Let them talk about their view of the topic. If there is a problem or question that they cannot answer, instruct them to make a small group to find the answer. Next, they have to share their discussion with other groups within the class.

Article or any news can be a good material to teach the students critical thinking. They should have illustration of different way of thinking or perspective in seeing something. It can be done by comparing two news that have same theme but with different point of view. In addition, you can also ask them to find websites that are credible and not credible. Make them explain why it is said so.

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