Summer Study Scholarship

Summer Study Scholarship

If you do not have any schedule for this summer, you had better to join summer school abroad. Besides get valuable experience, summer study also important to enrich your knowledge. You do not have to worry if you lack of financial because some scholarships available for minority students.

If you are students in one of colleges and universities in America, you have a big chance to get summer study scholarship sponsored by American Institute for Foreign Study or AIFS. This opportunity is also offered for minority students. Each participant will get $500 to study abroad. The requirements for getting this scholarship is you have good mark on your study and you have to write an essay about the impact of study abroad for your academic and personal growth. The other scholarship for American citizen is Freeman Award for Study in Asia. The participants who have financial need can get free summer study in several countries in Asia, such as Japan, Singapore, Korea, and more. You only can choose country that you never live or have a little experience in it.

The last scholarship is Strengthening Intercultural Understanding or SIT. This program provides you scholarships from $300 up to $3,000 for each student. Only student with financial need can apply this summer study abroad scholarship. Several options of scholarship are available for you based on your study program.

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