Scholarships in South Korea

Scholarships in South Korea

Many Asian countries offer scholarship for international students. One of them is South Korea, which provide three grants that cooperate with accredited universities within the country. You may get English instruction or get free course to learn Korean language before you start your study.

The first scholarship comes from National Institute for International Education (NIIED). They offer undergraduate scholarship named Korean Government Scholarship Program for International Students. Besides giving opportunity for foreign students to continue their study at higher level, they also has aim to encourage the students to do cultural exchange. You can go to Korean Embassy in your country or participate in Korean university to apply this grant.

Second is Samsung Global Scholarship Award. If you are excellent academic credential and have great potential in leadership, you can participate in this award. There will be strict competition since only 15 to 25 participants selected each year. However, after you graduate, you will have a change to work in this worldwide company up to two years.

Third is Scholarship Program for International Graduate Students held by the Institute of Information Technology Advancement. This program provides scholarship for people who want to continue their study for master or doctoral degree. If you graduate from Korean university and study in IT, electronics, and other related major, you are required in this program.

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