Problems of Online Education

Problems of Online Education

Online education allows students who cannot go to school because of transportation or illness can get convenient education like other students. Students who busy with their schedule or have difficulty to understand lesson can also get advantage with online learning. However, problems related this education need to be anticipated in order to get maximum benefit.

The first problem is motivation. You must have strong motivation so you can learn in time based on the schedule. No classmates and teacher in real setting make you feel ease. You can inform your family to support you and always remember your goal in study. Second, there will be many interruptions inside your house. Therefore, you need to find place that is free from disturbances. You can go to your room and lock it when you study.

Next, if you have bad internet connection, you are in trouble. You cannot join the class or submit your school task if the connection goes down. Consequently, you need to provide your PC or notebook with high-speed internet. Last, because of this distance learning, you cannot meet your teacher face to face. It will be difficult that you have problem on certain lesson but you only get in touch with your teacher through chat or email. Moreover, teacher also have obstacle in watching class participant. You need to respond quickly when a question pop-up when learning process.

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