How to Get Kids Interested in Science

How to Get Kids Interested in Science

Children often consider science is a boring lesson. Most of them rely on how good the teacher delivers the material to make them interested in the subject. Therefore, you should prepare different teaching method that not only based on giving explanation about science inside the class but also exploring science in real life setting.

  • You can take them in a park and let them explore it by themselves. Most of students love nature and they will get much knowledge about science without knowing it. You can ask them to observe the park and all plants and animals within. Getting such experience will gain their curiosity and you can explain more about it inside the class.
  • Making a model about something such as volcanoes will make them understand how something works. You can also bring them to amusement park to see how all games work. It will be fun activity but they also can learn science at the same time.
  • Besides take students to park, you can also make a visit to zoo and museum. Science is about technology and nature. Therefore, after explore how technology influences human life, they will get knowledge how animal evolve and what kind of flora and fauna that exist in the world.

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