How to Do Well in Science Class

How to Do Well in Science Class

Science can be challenging especially if you think it is dull and boring lesson. You should understand that science can be found in every single thing in our life. Here some advises for you to overcome your fear in science class.

  • You should pay attention to what the teacher says and write on the board. Rather than memorize all the material you have learned, you had better to understand the theory first. If you understand the principle of the subject, you can memorize it easier.
  • Takes notes for important point in every science class, especially those that are not written in textbook. The notes can help you to get the main topic of the lesson and you can review it later in house. To understand the material, you must study the material that will be discussed in the next day.
  • You can search additional information about the topic in internet or magazine. It will help you to comprehend the difficult material. You can ask your teacher to tell you where place to find good source of the lesson.
  • Do not be afraid to ask something that you do not understand. After find additional information, you may still unclear of some theory.

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