Becoming a Great Preschool Teacher

Preschool Teacher

Attending preschool is an important step for children to face the ‘real’ school setting later. Therefore, as a preschool teacher, you need more than skills to teach them academically but you also need to improve their self-esteem and make them feel that school is a fun place.

Children at this very young age do not understand how should behave inside the class. As the result, they may run around class or talk with their friends instead of sit and listen to the teacher. In this situation, you cannot just stand in front of class. You can make a circle and teach trough songs or games so they will pay attention to you. You also need to be extra patient. Instead of releasing anger, talk to them what is wrong and how to act calmer and better.

Educate them several basic skills needed when they enter elementary school, such as writing and reading. Besides, teach them how to socialize with new friends and what should they bring and do in the classroom. Remember that every child have different pace in learning something. You should pay more attention to children who need extra help. You had better to prepare material that all students in different level can accept it completely.

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