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Three Minutes Tsunami Alerts Using GPS

Three Minutes Tsunami Alerts Using GPS

Learning from the latest disasters of tsunami in Japan and Indonesia, most scientists who concern on studying the natural phenomenon surely agree that there must be an effective way to create and effective and fast tsunami alert system to be installed on some risky shores in the world.

Knowing that the tsunami happens because of the large undersea earthquake, some researchers recently offered a solution of using the Global Positioning Systems or GPS to provide accurate and responsible warning to the coastal areas citizens in only few minutes. The GPS is used to measure the deformation of the ground that is caused by the earthquake.

Based on the report on Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, European Geosciences Union’s journal, the alert received by using the GPS would be no longer than three minutes. One of the team members, Hoechner said that in 2011 Japan had dense network of GPS, but these were not used to warn the people about the forming tsunami. He added that this would surely change as soon as possible for better alert in the future.

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